Technologically savvy people commonly believe that the internet should bring about a new expression of currency.

In every age, a new definition of money appears. Money is authorized motivation - it is issued by an authority in order to motivate. Authorized motivation is a coin, a printed piece of paper, or a virtual monetary unit that can be issued to improve the lives of citizens. In the 20th century, money was a credit card and a checkbook.

In the future, money will exist in a visual world. In the virtual reality money world, members will be represented by a standard or custom 3D character, and they can change what it is at will. The virtual world of money will be a campus that people can transport around.

For the foreseeable future, money for some will be shapes in computerized synthetic space. This will be the currency of the money system of mostly free persons, THE UNION OF SOVEREIGN CITIZENS (USC).

USC's plan is to create this currency as a virtually-visible media that will have a value that can be traded and exchanged.

We are looking for virtual reality artists to create a virtual reality world and its various monetary value representations. The time of free issuance and SECURE private cash transfers is something you can work for.

Banque Gende holds money in many different colors according to the cause for which they were created.

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