Intentional Communities
for Finding the God within

There are some People who are such excellent teachers gurus and leaders that a free issuance can give them all the money they can handily use and they give back more than ever could have been gained otherways.

In my birthing section of time and space, which was developed under a land bank model, Beings who developed super powers and oftimes limitless Survivability would be given the opportunity to start their own Universes. Those were the Creational Gods. Left over were those Gods and Goddesses who were not seeking to start a Universe, only to build a firm Community. One's COMMUNITY is apt to include those who do like what one does, and merge with one well in partyance situations.

Sub-creational Gods and Goddesses, those who qualify, are given first the task of uplifting their students physically, emotionally, and morally. Conventional thinkers may see this idea in the frame of it being a given lifestyle. built of communities. For those capable of operating teams that improve the overall economy, additional money will be granted for productive volitional reissuances.

They pick up this end, working with those who most people run away from, and are supported by the community

INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES would have their own websites; and in some cases, their own television or radio broadcasting stations.

INTENTIONAL WAY is the top level for a COMMUNITIES that subscribe to its specific values, serve members from many communities of the same lifestyle. That is why there are many lifestyles, and most are international in scale. By funding communities, the full expressiveness of people today will come closer to realization. By funding directly those individuals who serve, USC makes sure that everyone eats, gets healing, makes money and gets opportunities for self-advancing jobs. To the USC, this is a question about whether issuing money to one would improve the world, or not.

Just so we get the opportunity to meet and work with many new friends, great dining halls will appear for each of the various lifestyles.

Communities are generally based in lifestyle, people who work or play together as a natural rhythm of existence. There are also free new age and spiritual communities who may elect to become a self funding USC currency using community.
If you are an organizer of a free and intentional community, then you may want to study the prospect of utilizing the Virtual Sovereign currency to build the community with.
A creative conscious person with foresight, who can help others learn to focus intent, find conscience and build conscious will, who wishes to build a lifestyle community, like a castle or a villiage, with all facilities; he/she designs a plan and offers it to the approvers of the money. The designers of a desired project becomes an issuing authority, is supported with community paid materials, trucks, tools, workers, food...

While not all covered on this page, the following teachings are paid for by USC currency, in situations which are objectively self-evolutionary for the student and the Teacher:

1. Elfin Designs Magic
2. Wisdom of Being, formerly called Mother of Being Teachings
3. Fourth Way (Ozian) Psychology
4. Finding the God or Goddess within
5. Group Psychological Dynamics

7. General Magic, Intentional Use of Assemblage Point, formerly or perhaps also called Father of Time or Father of Sorcery teachings
8. Elimination of bad forms of life

9. Faith and Positive Thinking
10. Spectrum of Human Types and their maximum attractions
11. Self Integration
12. Self Remembering
13. Funerary
14. Sacred Dance
15. Scalers and Energetic Devolvers and Revolvers
16. Robes of Secrecy and Desire, etc.
17. Aphrodesial
18. Anti-Illusion
19. Illusion
20. Anti-Identification
21. Enzyme Therapy
22. Planetary Construction
23. Free Issuance Economics
24. Stellar Construction
25. Mineral Extraction
42. Insect Interest Instensity
44. Creation of Sentient Beings
871. Moon Construction
88. Glandular Secretion art
99. Curandero Arts
107. Tonal Implants
143. Magic Comedy
207. Point of Assemblage ITj
317. Magic Painting
888. Not Weapons Associative tvlmoz Q
899. Military Ship Design
1987. Anti-Mind Control Computer notdesign
2719. Magic Forest Askingeers

28,022/33 Magic Results Law

The USC will issue money to intentional communities who agree to common rules. The USC invests in objective communities where freedom dovetails with responsibility; USC currency is not issued within nor at the behest of closed communities like enslaving cult groups.

We revoke all permissions voluntarily or involuntarily given Sylph XT from recitations of "street beat" chants